Progress Tracking


Progress is a great motivator. We’ll automatically track your member’s progress in key areas related to their exercise and nutrition plan and provide them with simple, useful charts and metrics so they can see if they are on track to reaching their goals. Whether your members want to lose some inches around their waistline, or maybe kick a bad habit, they can track it on MobileFit and receive points, which improves their online social status inside your facility for their accomplishments. Your members can even identify and track specific wellness challenges sponsored by your facility or the MobileFit community. As your members progress with using MobileFit, they will be able to unlock ‘badges’ as they reach milestones and can see their progress on various leader boards as they level up on MobileFit!

What others are saying...

  • When the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas decided it was time to change out our fitness software, we did not take this change lightly. We spent 6 months testing three different computer aided personal training packages, interviewing numerous staff and over 100 members. When all the data was collected and studied, we went with MobileFit. They were clearly better connected to what we are doing around Activate America, as well as better understood our need to assess data available through their reports. MobileFit understands the YMCA.

    Casey Klein
    Vice President of Operations
    Coppell Family YMCA

  • Highest retention ever. - Retention 77% In the last 6 months only 2 MobileFit members dropped their membership – Reason: Both were moving. Retention of MobileFit users: 99.8%

    Dan Albert, CEO
    Greater Scranton YMCA

  • As our YMCA looked for tools available to successfully engage over 10,000 members, we found that MobileFit was the only technology built around enhancing the relationships between our Wellness Coaches and their members; thus allowing our Coaches the ability to help keep people motivated. MobileFit has given us the ability to personally connect with an unlimited amount of members, which in turn has allowed us to maintain a retention rate around 72% with very little increase in salary costs.

    Mike Wennkamp
    Associate Executive Director
    Two Rivers Family YMCA

  • "Prior to creating our new Member Engagement process with MobileFit, we connected with 20% of our new members. Now, we connect with 60-68%."

    Rachel Stuhlsatz
    Metro Health and Fitness Director
    Greater Wichita YMCA

  • “Triple utilization of MobileFit when compared to past other Wellness technologies.”

    Town North
    YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

  • “We would be lost without MobileFit! Thanks for providing this service.”

    Roger and Carolyn Refee
    Members at YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne

  • The new MobileFit program is wonderful and has greatly helped me. I am sixty-two years old. I started the program when it first came to Edmond. At that time, I was much over weight and my total cholesterol was over 300 and my LDL level was 259. The week prior to starting the program, I had strong symptoms of a heart attack or stoke three times.My doctor gave me a choice. I chose to strenghten my heart, lose weight and get my cholesterol down. That is when I started the MoblieFit program. In three weeks, I walked a hundred miles, became stronger, lost 13 pounds, lost 50 points off my total cholesterol, lost 45 points off my LDL level, gained 5 points on my HDL level and felt extremely better and younger.

    I highly recommend the Moblie Fit to others. No matter what their age, one could greatly benefit from this program.

    Gary Ray Howell

  • "I used MobileFit at my local YMCA and found it to be invaluable in helping me achieve my goals, set practical expectations, and record my progress."

    Melissa Smith
    Member at Ryan Family YMCA

  • “We are loving Mobilefit. Members and staff are loving it! I have sold memberships right at the MobileFit Kiosk. Thanks for everything.”

    Amy Patterson
    Membership Director
    Rome-Floyd County YMCA